In choosing this practice, you will be retaining the services of a lawyer who will take a genuine interest in your legal questions and problems. You can also be assured of reasonable fees and the dedication of a lawyer with practice and advanced legal research experience spanning more than ten years.

New Clients?

As your lawyer, one of Dr. Vincents’ tasks is to help you by providing guidance and counsel to you in a difficult time.  This guidance includes providing direction to you, to help you identify and eliminate the risks and dangers in your situation. It also includes helping you to understand your options and opportunities.  Furthermore, it means working with you to design a plan to help you achieve success in the areas of your life where you are looking for legal advice. To facilitate this process, you will be required to play your part by supplying the lawyer with requested materials as quickly as you can. Also advise him of all changes and developments in your situation as promptly as possible. When the communication channels are open we would be more likely than not to achieve the desired goal in your matter

All Clients are Entitled to these Expectations:

    Your defence and arguments will be presented in court with the proficiency of a skilled advocate.

    Your documents and correspondence will be drafted with the proficiency of a skilled solicitor.

    Your representation will be conducted with the diligence of a hard working lawyer.

    Your instructions will be followed and you will be informed when they may not be lawfully followed.

    You will be apprised of all settlement options, and

    You will be kept constantly abreast of all developments in your matter.

    Your communications would be handled with full confidentiality

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